Skybreakers is a broker for the sale of airline tickets and related products and acts in that capacity as a mediator between you and the airline or other service parties. When you make a reservation with us you make a reservation agreement via us as a third party which is responsible for the proper handling of your reservation. On the service booked the conditions of the service provider(s) apply. These conditions can be obtained directly from the service provider(s). When you make a booking with us you agree to the booking conditions below.

    1. BOOKING BY PHONE OR EMAIL.After you have submitted an order with Skybreakers to makea booking you will receive an inoice, which will also serve as a booking confirmation. We recommend to check all relevant details and inform us immediately in case of any inaccuracies. Changes made at a later stage may incur high costs, for which we will not accept any liability. 
    2. ONLINE BOOKINGS. The handling of bookings made online via the booking engine, goes through vliegtickets.nl. For questions about your reservations, please call: 0900-9556 (Mon-Fri 09:00-22:00 and Sat, Sun and holidays from 10: 00-16:00). Skybreakers is not responsible for the implementation or handling of flights made via the booking engine. The general conditions of booking through the booking engine can be found here
    3. PAYMENT. Booking through our booking engine will be completed by paying online at the end of the booking process. If you make a booking by phone or email, the payment should be credited on one of our accounts within the period stated on the invoice. In case the booking allows a payment in stages, differences in airport charges will be recalculated and charged. (see point 4) before the last payment. Once your full payment has been received on one of our accounts, your e-ticket will be sent by e-mail. For security reasons we do not accept payments in cash. If the invoice amount is not paid in full on time, we will cancel the booking against the applicable charges. Skybreakers cannot be held liable for the consequences of late payment, even if the delay is caused by delays in bank transfers.
    4. AIRPORT TAX / FUEL SURCHARGE. Tickets will be issued once your payment has been received on one of our bank accounts. As long as the tickets are not paid (and issued), the airport tax / fuel surcharge might change and will be recalculated and charged. We advise to pay the tickets as soon as possible, even when this is not mandatory. A number of airports (especially in the Far East, Central- and South America) might levy local departure taxes. These are not levied in advance, but must be paid separately at the airport.
    5. SCHEDULE CHANGES / CANCELLATIONS BY THE AIRLINE. Changes in flight numbers- and times can occur between the moment of booking and departure. Therefore, we advise (especially in cases when departure- and return date are far apart) to check the current departure time via the link provided in your e-ticket or via the website of the airline. Also on the day of departure itself, it is advisable to check departure times and flight numbers. Skybreakers cannot be held responsible for (financial) consequences of schedule changes and cancellations by the airline. In this regard, we encourage you to check the link in your e-ticket before departure. Skybreakers is not responsible for the operation of the flights. Please refer to the conditions of the airline. Skybreakers is not responsible for cancellations or changes of flights because of (civil) wars, natural disasters, strikes and other unforeseen situations and emergencies. Skybreakers cannot be held responsible for any costs caused due to a schedule change or cancellation for instance for additional nights or the cost to change or cancel reservations of a land arrangement (such as cars, hotels, campers etc) or connecting flights.
    6. CHANGES. Changes by the customer can be done against the penalty indicated on in the confirmation which you receive after booking. If 100% is indicated, then this means that the ticket cannot be changed. If an amount is indicated here, then this is the penalty you have to pay per person per change. Note: changes are subject to availability. In case the booked fare type is not available, then an extra charge is calculated. In case the airport tax is increased, the difference will be charged. A decrease is not compensated. The date change should always be within the validity of the ticket, even if the departure date is postponed the original expiry date remains applicable. Changes should be communicated with us at least two days before the original departure date. If done after the original return date, the ticket is no longer valid. If the desired date of return cannot be booked yet (we can book 11 months ahead) then we will book this date as soon as this is possible (subject to availability and schedule). When travelling for one year, we will change the return flight after departure. It is not possible to change to another date then pre-specified, in that case the normal change fees apply.
    7. CANCELLATIONS. Cancellations must be submitted at least one working day before the departure date. The penalty for cancellation is indicated in the confirmation which you receive after booking. If 100% is indicated, this means that in case of cancellation, no refund is possible. If an amount is indicated here, then this is the penalty you have to pay per person per cancellation. If a cancellation insurance is booked via us or elsewhere, then those costs are covered (of course under the terms of the insurance). If no insurance is booked, then the cancellation is not covered. Cases of force majeure not covered by a cancellation insurance (eg conflicts and natural disasters on destination) are not a valid reason to cancel free of charge. This also applies when travelling to or via country where travelling is not recommended by the government. The normal cancellation fees are still applicable. However, in such case Skybreakers will, in consultation with the airline, try to negotiate more flexible conditions. It is not allowed to only use the return flight of a round trip ticket. If you do not show up on any of the reserved flights than the following flights will be automatically cancelled by the airline. This also applies to flight numbers operated by trains or buses. Not using flights make your reservation unusable after which a new ticket must be purchased to continue traveling.
    8. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS, VISA AND VACCINATIONS. As traveller you are responsible for the correct (validity of) travel documents, required (transit) visas and vaccinations. Note that rules may change between the time of booking and the moment of travel. For information on the necessary visa we advise you to contact the consulate or embassy of the country in which or through you travel. You can also contact www.visum.nl. For vaccinations, please contact the vaccinationline (0900-9584) or KLM Travel Clinic (0900-1091096). Or check www.lcr.nl or your local health centre. You cannot assume that persons under 16 years of age may travel alone. You are responsible for obtaining the correct information in this regard.
    9. (HAND) LUGGAGE. The amount of luggage you may carry depends on the airline, fare and route. Check your e-ticket or the website of the airline you fly with for details or check via Manage My Booking. In some cases, luggage has be paid for separately (KLM in Europe, low-cost carriers such as Easyjet, Transavia, AirAsia, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, flights within America). There are many exceptions and rules. We can therefore not be held responsible for the (unexpected) costs for carriage of baggage.
    10. SPECIAL BAGGAGE & REQUESTS. Special (meal) preferences, (wheelchair) assistance, carriage of special luggage such as bicycles, surfboards, scuba diving and golf equipment can be requested via e-mail, phone or via Manage my Booking. We cannot guarantee the proper handling, availability, the exact costs and therefore cannot be held responsible in case the services or facilities are not performed correctly or if not available or if the costs are higher than indicated. Payment of these services is mostly done at the airport.
    11. ONLINE CHECK-IN, SEAT RESERVATIONS, RESERVING SPECIAL MEALS, FREQUENT FLYER PROGRAMS. In most cases it is possible to manage your reservation online (assign seats numbers, request special services etc) via Manage My Booking by logging on via the website of the relevant airline. Most airlines also offer online check-in, so you can also print your boarding pass. If this is possible, we advise you to do so. In all cases, the seat numbers are subject to change. Skybreakers cannot be held responsible if your seat preference cannot be met. Please note that meals or alcoholic beverages are not automatically included in the fare. For these extra costs we cannot be held liable. Skybreakers cannot be held liable for not acquiring frequent flyer points even if the number is not put into the reservation by us. To check whether the number is passed on, we refer to the e-ticket. If not shown on the e-ticket It is always possible to enter the number in the reservation via Manage My Booking. Please note that not all tickets will be honoured in the same way; expensive ticket will get more points than cheap ones. More information can be found on the website of the relevant airline or alliance.
    12. INSURANCE. If you have booked a cancellation insurance through Skybreakers, your policy number equal to the invoice number. Claims In case of cancellation can be submit through Skybreakers, the handling of your claim is done by Allianz Global Assistance.
    13. CALAMITEIENFONDS. € 2.50 will be charged per booking. If applicable, this contribution is shown on the invoice. The conditions can be read on www.calamiteitenfonds.nl