Schedule Changes and Cancellations

Nearly all booked flights are currently subject to schedule changes and cancellations. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and continuing into the present period, airlines have been consistently working on optimization and adjusting their schedules. These changes are driven by staffing shortages and safety measures to prevent overcrowding at airports.

As a result, we receive a significant number of daily cancellations and modifications to previously booked flights. Whenever possible, we rebook passengers on the best available routes to ensure that the destination can still be reached. This process is carried out behind the scenes and at no cost, but it may result in changes to the route, departure and arrival times, and even the number of layovers.

If it becomes impossible to reach the destination or if, for example, an extremely long layover or overnight stay is required, we will contact the customer to discuss alternatives. In many cases, this may involve a refund process or, if possible, the purchase of new tickets, with any fare difference being adjusted. Refunds can also be requested.

For rebookings that have relatively minor impacts (e.g., departing 3 hours earlier or later, or taking a different route with 2 layovers instead of 1), we will not communicate these changes for practical reasons. New changes and cancellations can always follow, and the airline continues to fulfill its transportation obligations within the specific margins established for this purpose.

  • Therefore, it is crucial to monitor the current times via the link in the e-ticket well before departure. This allows you to check the exact times and flight numbers online at any time.

Importantly, we ensure that the new route always complies with the airline’s “minimum connecting time” (MCT) requirements. So, even if the layover becomes shorter compared to the originally booked ticket, the transportation guarantee still applies. If the layover no longer meets the MCT after a schedule change, the ticket will be rebooked according to the procedure described above.

As Skybreakers, we have no control over these changes and cancellations, and we ask for your understanding regarding this matter. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us.